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Garage Shelving

Strong Racks is the nation’s premier developer of the strongest and safest garage storage racks available, allowing you to revolutionize the way that items are stored in your garage. We also manufacture garage shelving products, allowing you to use your wall space for storage. These shelves are a great space saving alternative to cabinets and closets.

Sturdy Garage Shelving

Our garage shelving products are held to the same high standards as our overhead ceiling storage, and utilize top of the line components. These shelves are perfect for storing items that you wish to access frequently, furthermore these shelves can be installed at any height you choose, allowing you to save wall space and use them as a miniature overhead rack.

We offer shelves with 150LB and 200LB weight capacities, depending on the size of shelf that you want, or the desired storage items to be placed on it. These shelves are available powder coated white, which looks great in most garages. Or different sized shelves can be ordered with custom colors to match other items in your garage.

These garage shelves can be installed at any height that you desire, so they may be installed high on the wall to use as a miniature overhead rack for items that do not need to be used as often. Every kit includes two shelves, and since they are easy to install, they are a great do it yourself storage solution. However we also offer professional installation.

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