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Ceiling Storage

Our ceiling storage units have the highest weight capacities of any overhead racks. Perfect for those that wish to have maximum storage capability, and those that are seeking to store heavy items such as heavy tools or bulky equipment that may take up a large amount of space on the garage floor itself. This series of overhead storage systems can also be combined with multiple units to create a larger garage ceiling storage platform.

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Wall Storage

The Overhead Wall Shelf is designed to utilize un-used garage ceiling storage space, allowing for additional weight and volume capacity compared to other overhead storage products. This wall mounted overhead garage rack is a variation of our standard rack, but can safely hold up to 1,000lbs and can be mounted to a combination of ceiling and walls. This is an amazing new product that is not available anywhere else and is unmatched in versatility and strength.

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Motorized Storage

Many home owners have found that overhead racks are the perfect garage storage solution for them, but have trouble loading heavy items on to the rack by hand. Tool boxes, tires, heavy boxes, and numerous other items may be difficult to carry up a ladder, and no one wants to injure themselves by falling while trying to move storage. For this reason, one of the new innovative products here at The Garage Organization Company is the Power Rax Motorized Lift System.

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Bicycle Storage

The Horizontal Bike Storage System introduced by Strong Racks for The Garage Organization Company is a must have item for any bike owner that is looking to maximize their garage storage space, and keep their bike secure and out of the way.

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Wall Organization

Our wall shelving systems provide a quick and easy way to add more space to your garage. Don’t forget the Secure Track System employs a versatile, completely customizable system of rails and attachments in order to cater to an individual’s specific organization and storage needs.

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Take it a step furthur and get your Ladder hanger. Or combine a bike hanger with one of our shelving units. Organize with our Secure Track rails and other organizational accessories.

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