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Overhead Garage Storage

The best way to maximize the storage ability of a garage is to utilize overhead garage storage products. When used for storage, a garage floor can quickly become cluttered if storage is haphazardly placed into the garage. Garage storage cabinets may seem like a good way to organize your garage storage, however they may be ineffective since they take up garage floor and wall space that are better suited for other purposes. Overhead garage storage eliminates this problem by storing all of your items overhead, leaving the garage floor and wall space free for any other desired use.

When you utilize proper overhead garage storage, items such as sports equipment, storage bins, and holiday decorations can be stored effectively, while at the same time saving garage space! Here at Strong Racks, our overhead garage storage systems are designed to enhance your garage, by providing overhead storage the strongest and safest way possible. Our durable, strong overhead storage systems will last for years and hold up to daily wear and tear.

Superior Overhead Garage Storage 

While there are similar overhead storage racks on the market, Strong Racks brand overhead garage storage units are of a much higher quality than the competitors. Our products are held to high standards, and we only use the thickets gauge of steel in the design, and only the highest quality of hardware and components. The four joist mounted installation also helps to ensure that our garage storage racks are the strongest and safest on the market.

To increase safety, an innovative safety lip, 2 inches in height along the sides of the rack is designed to prevent storage from sliding off of the rack. Square tube down rods are used, as opposed to angle iron to increase the strength of the storage rack.

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