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Here at Strong Racks, we make it our goal to offer a storage solution perfect for any situation. Often times when a garage is used as the primary storage location in a home, it is not used in the most effective manner. Overhead ceiling space, may be overlooked, when it could be being used for storage.

Versatile Overhead Garage Storage Systems

We realize that storage needs to be adjusted over time, to allow for new items to be stored, or changes in the items that are being stored completely. We offer storage systems designed for versatility, that are fully adjustable, allowing you to determine the distance that they hang from the garage ceiling.

They can hang between 12 to 37 inches from the ceiling, and can be adjusted depending on what you wish to store.

Our overhead storage units are the strongest and safest available anywhere, and include a 10 gauge mounting track that attaches to multiple ceiling joists allowing for maximum strength. Contact us today for more information on our overhead garage storage systems.

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