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Almost anything can be stored on garage overhead shelves. Overhead shelves are installed on the ceiling, allowing you to use that ceiling space that would otherwise be overlooked for storage. Here at Strong Racks, we offer overhead garage shelves capable of storing almost any item.

The Versatility of Overhead Garage Shelves
Our high quality overhead storage racks maximize the storage potential of your garage by allowing you to use ceiling space for storage. These ceiling mounted racks unlock the hidden storage potential of a garage by using overhead space. These racks are fully adjustable, and are much bigger than shelving units, allowing for a large amount of items to be stored.

Overhead garage shelves allow for a large amount of items to be stored. These shelves can be installed at any height. For items that need to be frequently accessed, a lower shelf may be ideal. However, if items are to be stored overhead, you can install the shelf high on the wall, using overhead space.

We offer various shelves with impressive weight capacities that look great in any garage. Contact us today to see which shelving solution Strong Racks can provide for you.

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