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Garage Storage

A problem that faces many home owners that wish to use their garage for storage is the lack of garage storage space available. If a large amount of items are being stored in the garage, even a large garage can start to feel overloaded. The solution to this problem is to simply maximize your garage’s storage potential. For this reason, Strong Racks provides quality overhead storage systems, designed to make the most of your available garage storage space.

Garage Storage Basics

Many types of garage storage products exist today, however most of them take up a large portion of garage wall or floor space when installed. Although a garage storage cabinet may help to organize some garage storage items, the space the cabinet takes up in your garage may be undesirable. To provide a solution for this issue, we have designed our Strong Racks brand storage systems to use previously untouched ceiling space for storage, freeing up the wall and floor space for any other purpose that you desire.

The advantage of overhead garage storage is that you use space for storage that would have otherwise gone ignored, unlocking your garage’s secret storage potential. Our overhead garage storage racks are installed to the garage ceiling, and have an adjustable drop that can be catered to your specifications. The mounting tracks used to connect our storage racks to the garage ceiling are made using the thickest gauge of steel available, helping to give our garage storage racks their high weight capacities, and maximizing safety for the home owner.

Strong Racks offers wall storage and organization products, and shelving in addition to our overhead garage storage units. These systems are designed to conveniently store items that you wish to use frequently. The wall shelving and organizational units are mounted to the walls of your garage. To help to facilitate an organized and manageable garage, we also carry storage products designed to store all of your bikes, ladders, tools, and holiday decorations in the most efficient way possible.

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