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Garage Storage Solutions

Strong Racks proudly offers our customers the strongest and safest garage storage solutions on the market today. We don’t see why your garage shouldn’t be able to store all the items you want in it, while maintaining a clear and uncluttered floor space, which can be used for parking vehicles, or anything else! With our overhead racks and wall shelves, we are sure to carry the storage solution you are looking for.

Types of Garage Storage Solutions

At Strong Racks, we believe that the best way to store items in your garage is to utilize overhead racks. These racks are attached to the ceiling joists, and carry the highest weight capacities of any unit on the market. All of our overhead racks can be fully adjusted, allowing them to be customized to fit the amount of storage that you wish to place on the rack. The racks can also be adjusted to better suit the height of your ceiling, and can be adjusted to hang from 12 to 37 inches from your garage ceiling.

For home owners that wish to store items using garage wall space, we carry heavy duty steel wall shelves. These shelves feature several different sizes and strengths, so they can cater to different items that you may wish to place on them. The larger shelves are capable of holding 200LBS, however since our shelves are made of such high quality components, any size of shelf from Strong Racks provides a durable, long lasting storage solution.

We also carry low profile storage solutions for home owners that do not need to store heavier items on their overhead racks. These units can store light weight holiday decorations and other items with ease. Contact us today for more information on our storage solutions.

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