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Garage Storage Rack

For home owners looking for a garage storage rack, Strong Racks is the provider of the industry’s strongest and safest garage storage racks, and we are sure to have a perfect storage solution for your garage.

When utilizing a garage storage rack, only garage ceiling space is used for storage, making the most out of your garage’s current storage capabilities. A garage storage rack can store a wide variety of objects, of almost any size, using only ceiling space, leaving the floor clear for any other application. When our professionally installed garage storage racks are in place, they are capable of holding the highest weight capacities of any overhead garage storage unit on the market today.

Garage Storage Rack Basics

Our innovative overhead garage storage racks are able to hold storage of up to 36 inches in height. If you do not require this much space, these garage storage racks are fully adjustable, and can hang as high as 11 inches from the ceiling. For storage that may need to be accessed more frequently, we offer garage wall shelves that allow for more accessibility than an overhead rack.

Contact us for more information regarding our garage storage racks. Our commercial and industrial grade products are the strongest and safest available, and we can also present you with creative storage solutions in order to maximize the available space in your garage.

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