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Garage Racks

To remedy the problem of a garage that is overloaded with storage, one should consider investing in a garage rack storage system. A garage can be rendered useless by being packed with storage; however, garage racks are capable of using ceiling space for storage, leaving the floor space clear for parking vehicles, or any other purpose.

Employ Unused Space with Garage Racks 

Overhead garage racks help you to utilize space that may otherwise go ignored. Garage racks have the ability to store your items overhead, helping to maximize the storage space in your garage. Here at Strong Racks, we offer top of the line overhead garage racks. These racks are the strongest and safest available on the market, and can be installed in almost any garage.

These adjustable garage racks allow you to determine the distance that they hang from the ceiling. The maximum drop of 36 inches allows for double stacked storage bins to be stored on the rack. For a low profile storage solution, these garage racks may be adjusted to their minimum drop.

At Strong Racks, we dedicate ourselves to developing overhead garage racks that will last for an extended amount of years. This is why our racks are designed to be the strongest and safest in the industry, allowing a lifetime of use. Contact us today to determine which storage solution is right for your garage!

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