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Many items of all different sizes and shapes can be stored on a garage rack. A garage rack utilizes overhead ceiling space, opening up the floor space for other uses. Overhead garage racks are installed on the ceiling of your garage, making them advantageous over shelves that take up wall space.

A Better Garage Rack

Quality is an important thing to consider when choosing a garage rack. Low quality racks may fail to securely hold storage, which may damage property or injure someone if it falls. Here at Strong Racks, we are proud to offer home owners the strongest and safest racks available.

The type of storage that you wish to place on the rack is also important to consider when choosing which rack is right for you. If you intend to store lighter items, you may wish to purchase a low profile garage rack that may be installed above the garage door. For heavier or bulkier items, you may want to consider a commercial grade 750LB capacity overhead rack. These racks come in white or smoked chrome, but may be custom colored on request.

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