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A good way to maximize your garage storage area is to install garage overhead storage. Garage ceiling space if often overlooked when searching for a place to store items. Garage cabinets and shelves take up valuable floor space when in use, however with garage overhead storage, a large volume of storage can be placed in your garage, while at the same time leaving the floor space open for other purposes.

Sturdy Garage Overhead Storage

When deciding on an overhead garage storage unit for your garage, there is much importance placed on the strength and durability of the unit you choose. While low quality racks may be inexpensive, the type of storage you wish to place on the rack may not be what they are intended to hold. Strong Racks only produces high quality garage overhead storage racks, providing the strongest and safest racks on the market today.

Our overhead racks are much stronger and safer than any competitive product. Their durable mounting tracks and all other components feature the thickest gauge of steel available for added safety. These racks are mounted into four ceiling joists for maximum strength, and are fastened using grade nine hardware, ensuring that these racks are installed safely and securely. Inferior garage storage racks may only include low quality hardware for installing the rack.

Our racks include our exclusive safety lip, 2 inches in height that runs along the sides of the rack. This safety lip maximizes the safety of your rack, by preventing storage from sliding off and possibly injuring someone or becoming damaged. Our racks also feature bolted down grids for safety.

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