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All ceiling storage racks are NOT the same. Compare our features to any other overhead storage product, then compare our price.

We take our product development very seriously. We have tested all of our products thoroughly, and created the Strong Racks challenge to demonstrate how our overhead storage racks are superior to competitive products in every aspect. Our racks are the strongest and safest in the industry, and we challenge you to find a competitive product with more strength, weight capacity, safety features, or quality construction than a Strong Racks overhead storage system.

Who is Strong Racks?

Strong Racks is the manufacturer of the world’s strongest and safest ceiling storage racks for your garage. These garage storage racks are capable of holding the highest weight capacities in the entire industry of overhead storage systems, and are tested thoroughly to ensure that these overhead ceiling racks offer maximum safety, strength, and durability. At Strong Racks, we take our name very seriously, which is why we have devised the StrongRacks challenge.

  • 1: 100% 4 joist mounting every install?

  • 2: Rack secured to ceiling with 48 bolts?

  • 3: 11 gauge steel used on mounting track?

  • 4: Wall mount bracket for extra capacity?

  • 5: Square tube down rods for strength?

  • 6: 2 inch safety lip to secure items?

  • 7: Expands into Super Storage Platform?

  • 8: Steel grids bolted down for safety?

  • 9: Powder Coat: White and Smoked Chrome?

  • 10: Lifetime warranty with installation?

The Strong Racks Challenge

Because Strong Racks is entirely confident that we offer the strongest and safest garage ceiling storage available, we challenge you to compare our products to any of our competitors and see for yourself the difference in strength, quality, and innovative design. Not only are our overhead ceiling racks strong, but they are designed to be capable of being installed onto any garage ceiling. These racks go above and beyond the competition, and are capable of completely revolutionizing your garage storage system. All of our overhead storage racks are installed onto four ceiling joists for maximum strength. Furthermore the storage unit is connected to the ceiling using 48 bolts in order to help make our overhead storage racks the strongest and safest in the industry. These overhead racks also feature ten gauge steel mounting tracks and square steel tubing on the down rods to ensure that all of our hanging storage systems live up to our name. For safety, the grids on all of our racks are bolted down securely and a 2 inch safety lip is included to prevent the storage from sliding off of the rack. This is another way that our overhead storage racks are designed to out-perform any of the competitor’s products. The overhead racks designed by Strong Racks also are capable of being combined to create a larger storage platform with more storage space as well as a higher capacity, and feature a lifetime warranty with installation. Since we are more than confident in the strength and safety of our overhead storage products, we at Strong Racks challenge you to find a competitive product with all of the same features that make our overhead racks the strongest and safest available.


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