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Jeff's Seal of Approval

Strong Racks is proud to have Jeff, America’s premier installation expert on board to give us seal-of-approvalvaluable feedback and instruction on the installation of overhead garage storage products. Jeff is a master installer, meaning that he knows all of the ins and outs of installing garage storage products including Strong Racks overhead ceiling racks, some of which he has even helped to design.

seal-of-approvalWho is Jeff?

Jeff has personally installed over 6000 overhead storage racks within the last 5 years, and using his expertise, has developed ways to make it simple for home owners to install their racks themselves if they so choose. Jeff’s motto is “we make it simple, so you can do it too”, and it definitely shows in the easy installation methods that Jeff has devised. With the master installer Jeff on board with Strong Racks, you can feel comfortable knowing that the proper instructions are available to guide you through installing your own ceiling storage racks, or that our installers are properly trained and certified in the best installation techniques available. Depending upon availability, Jeff may even be able to personally install your overhead ceiling storage systems, leaving you with nothing to fear. Contact Strong Racks today to find out when Jeff will next be available for installation.

Jeff’s Seal of Approval

Strong Racks has been given the honor of Jeff’s seal of approval, certifying that Jeff has inspected all of our products for their strength, safety, and innovative design, and views them as the best garage storage systems available in the industry today. Look for Jeff’s seal of approval on our packaging to ensure that you are receiving an authentic Strong Racks product, and not an overhead system with less strength or durability. With Jeff, our lead master installer’s knowledge of different ceiling joist configurations and designs, he has developed fast, safe, and effective methods for installing all of our Strong Racks and Power Rax products. Jeff has also tested our products for their safety and strength, giving us his seal of approval, meaning that all of our Strong Racks products have exceeded his stringent standards.

Why Does Jeff think that Strong Racks is so great?

Strong Racks offers the strongest and safest overhead storage products in the industry today, and we are thrilled to have Jeff, the nation’s premier master installer of overhead ceiling storage giving us his approval to back up our claims. With Jeff’s knowledge of installation, Strong Racks’ knowledge of innovative product design and customer feedback from over 5 years of service, our products are top of the line storage systems, stronger and more innovative than anything else on the market. Furthermore, our products are easy to install yourself due to our specific and easy to follow instructions. However, we also offer professional installation for customers who require it, and may even be able to send Jeff himself to personally install your overhead storage units, so you know they will be installed professionally with the greatest care taken to ensure that they are strong, safe and secure. At Strong Racks, we really do believe in Jeff’s motto “we make it easy so you can do it too”, adopting that mentality when designing all of our storage systems. At Strong Racks we have made it our goal to provide our customers with storage systems designed to meet all of their needs, based upon feedback from thousands of customers over our years of operations. If you wish to see what our products can do for yourself, take the Strong Racks Challenge and contact us today at 1-877-797-RACK.

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