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jeff-master-installerJeff the Master Installer

Strong Racks is thrilled to be able to offer our customers products designed with Jeff’s expert advice and guidance. Jeff is a master installer, an expert in installing overhead garage storage systems, and he has personally installed over 6000 overhead ceiling racks of various makes and models in the last five years. Jeff is an extremely qualified professional in the field of garage storage, and we are glad to have his endorsement.

Strong Racks has been manufacturing overhead ceiling storage products for five years, and we have received direct feedback from thousands of customers over that time, leading us to develop better products that are easy to install, as well as the strongest and safest overhead racks on the market today. Jeff’s motto is that “we make it easy, so you can do it too”, and at Strong Racks we definitely take that into heart. We realize that in order to be successful, we need to give our customers original, innovative overhead garage storage products that not only help them to make the most use out of the available storage space in their garages, but are also easy to install for our customers that wish to do so. That is why we are so glad to have an experienced master installer such as Jeff on our team, helping us to create the best instructions and videos possible using his vast installation knowledge, to make sure that any installations attempted by our customers go smoothly and easily.

seal-of-approvalJeff has also personally installed and inspected our products. After his testing, Jeff has determined that our Strong Racks overhead storage systems live up to our claims that they are the strongest and safest overhead ceiling racks available in the industry. For this reason, our products now carry Jeff’s official seal of approval, demonstrating that they live up to the high standards that Jeff places on any product that he is willing to install. Jeff has not only tested our products, but when he has given us his seal of approval, he is confirming that the installation techniques for installing the approved ceiling storage system have been developed by Jeff himself.

Depending on his availability, as installations by Jeff himself are in high demand, you may be able to have your Strong Racks brand ceiling storage systems installed by Jeff himself, leaving you with a worry free installation at the hands of the most qualified installation expert in the field. Contact Strong Racks today, and find out which of our products you wish to have installed by Jeff and his team, or by yourself with Jeff’s installation instructions “made easy so you can do it too.”

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